Analysis, information and advocacy for LDCs

Several United Nations system and related organizations provide analysis and information services, dedicated research programmes, and advocacy services for LDCs.

Other organizations also provide information and support for LDCs:

The OECD keeps track of data and trends on Official Development Assistance (ODA). Its 2018 Development Cooperation Report (Development Co-operation Report 2018 – Joining Forces to Leave No One Behind) contains information on the performance by the members of the Development Assistance Committee on commitments to LDCs such as untied aid and providing the equivalent of 0.15-0.20% of GNI in ODA to LDCs. See also the information on ODA commitments – 0.15-0.20% of GNI, ODA commitments for LDCs: Untying aid, ODA commitments for LDCs: the average grant element.

See also Recent Publications and Reports on LDCs.