Advisory Centre on WTO Law (ACWL)

The ACWL was established in 2001 to provide developing countries and Least Developed Countries with the legal capacity necessary to enable them to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the WTO.

  • LDCs which are Members of the WTO or in the process of acceding do not need to join the ACWL (which requires a contribution to the ACWL’s Endowment Fund) to acquire the right to use the ACWL’s services. However, upon graduation, LDCs must join the ACWL on the same term as other developing countries.
  • The ACWL’s legal advice and training are provided free of charge to LDCs.
  • The ACWL charges LDCs reduced fees for support in dispute settlement proceedings. An LDC can expect to pay no more than CHF5’880 for participation in consultations, CHF17’760 for participation in panel proceedings and CHF10’520 for participation in appellate review proceedings.
  • An increasing number of WTO Members participate in WTO dispute settlement proceedings as third parties to familiarise themselves with the WTO’s dispute settlement practice and jurisprudence. Thus far, LDCs have not often made use of this opportunity. ACWL’s support for LDCs that participate in WTO dispute settlement proceedings as third parties may be provided free of charge.

The ACWL also provides training.


  1. ACWL website
  2. Information on LDCs at the ACWL

Last edited January 30, 2019