The UN Worldwide Health Insurance Plan

The UN Worldwide Plan administered by Cigna covers staff members and former staff members who reside in all parts of the world, except the United States of America. Staff members, former staff members and their dependants who reside in the United States of America are not eligible for the UN Worldwide plan. The UN Worldwide plan indemnifies members, within the limits of the plan, for reasonable and customary charges in respect of medical, hospital and dental treatment for illness, an accident or maternity. The aggregate reimbursement in respect of the total expenses covered by the plan that are incurred by an insured participant shall not exceed $250,000 in any calendar year. The provisions set forth below shall be subject to this limitation. In addition to the maximum reimbursement per calendar year, certain maxima per treatment, procedure, supplies or other services may also apply, depending on the type of service.


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Appeal a Claim

If  a claim is denied in whole or in part, the subscriber has the right to appeal the decision. The subscriber may contact The UN Worldwide Health Insurance Plan's Cigna directly for additional information regarding the appeals process.

Summary of Benefits

The summary of benefits section of the circular explains in detail the benefits provided to those who elect to enroll in the UN Worldwide Health Insurance Plan.

Conversion Privileges

A "conversion" privilege is part of the United Nations group health insurance programme. This privilege allows staff members (subscribers) who cease employment with the United Nations and do not qualify for after-service health insurance benefits to "convert" their group medical insurance under the UN Worldwide Plan to an individual short-term health insurance policy. The individual conversion policy is guaranteed-issue.


The eligibility section of the circular explains in detail the eligibility requirements to enrol in UN Worldwide Health Insurance Plan.

Vision Care

The UN Worldwide Health Insurance Plan offers vision care coverage to its members. All treatments and medicines must be prescribed by a qualified and registerd medical doctor. The coverage rates are outlined in the below information circular.


The UN Worldwide Health Insurance Plan offers coverage for medications prescribed by a qualified and registered medical doctor. The coverage is outlined in the below information circular section.

Online Provider Directory

Cigna is the Third Party Administrator of the UN Worldwide Health Insurance Plan. You may access their website at You may also follow these step-by-step instructions to find a provider online.