TheHartford Life Insurance

A group life insurance plan ("plan") is offered as a part of the scheme of social security for the staff which the Secretary-General is required to establish under staff regulation 6.2. The underwriter of the plan is the TheHartford Life Insurance Company of Hartford, Connecticut, United States of America ("insurance company"). The policyholder is the United Nations.

  • The plan is financed solely from the contributions of participating staff members. No subsidy is paid by the Organization.
  • Participation in the plan is voluntary for all eligible staff. A staff member may withdraw from the plan at any time. The plan provides term insurance coverage only, and has no cash value at the time of withdrawal.
  • Beneficiary details for the group life insurance plan are only maintained by completing, signing, and submitting one of the TheHardford Life Insurance Beneficiary forms.

For more information about the TheHartford Life Insurance Plan, please refer to the Administrative Instruction governing the Plan and the related Information Circular


Carrier Details

One Hartford Plaza
Hartford, CT 06155
United States
Optional - Application Required

Summary of Benefits

1. The plan will pay a life insurance benefit in the amount for which the participant was insured at the time of death.

2. Subject to the terms and conditions of the TheHartford Life Insurance Company policy, the benefit will be payable to the designated beneficiary or beneficiaries upon satisfactory proof of death from any cause, at any place and at any time while the participant was insured.

More information about benefits details may be found in the life insurance information circular and its related amendment.

Conversion Privileges

The conversion privilege is part of the United Nations group insurance programme. It allows staff members who cease employment with the United Nations and do not qualify for after-service insurance benefits to arrange for a continuation of their life insurance policy under an individual contract.

The Hartford Conversion Overview document provides more information regarding tthe conversion privileage.  


The following list provides information regarding eligibility requirements for life insurance:

  • Must have a contract of at least six months;
  • Must have received medical clearance upon appointment;
  • Must have an approved Personnel Action (PA) form;
  • Must apply within sixty (60) days of appointment for automatic enrolment. Evidence of Insurability (EOI) required if the application is submitted after sixty (60) days.

You may also refer to the eligibility section of the Administrative Instruction ST/AI/2002/6.