Cigna Dental PPO

This plan covers dental care only. The dental PPO programme offers a large network of participating providers in the Greater New York Metropolitan area and nationally. A dental PPO functions like medical PPO: the network of dentists who participate in the CIGNA dental PPO plan accept as payment a fee schedule negotiated with CIGNA. When covered services are rendered by an in-network provider, CIGNA reimburses the dentist according to the schedule and the participant normally has no out-of-pocket expense. One may also choose a dentist who is not a participating practitioner in the CIGNA plan. Covered dental services rendered by out-of-network providers are reimbursed as a percentage of reasonable and customary allowances. When you select a Participating Provider, this plan pays a greater share of the cost than if you were to select a non-Participating Provider.&ampnbspFor detailed information staff members must review the Cigna Plan Description document and should contact Cigna for all questions regarding coverage.

Carrier Details

P.O. Box 188037
Chattanooga, TN 37422-8037
United States
Optional - Application required

Appeal a Claim

Subscribers must appeal non favorable decisions through the insurance carrier before contacting the Insurance Unit.

Summary of Benefits

Details of the plan (description of benefits, restrictions, level of coverage) can be found in the plan description.

Conversion Privileges

There is no conversion privilege with Cigna dental plan.


The eligibility section of the circular explains in detail the eligibility requirements to enrol in Cigna dental Insurance plan.

Online Provider Directory

You may access Cigna''s website at You may also follow these step-by-step instructions to find a dentist online.

Cigna provides several online tools and preventative services. You have several options when it comes to dental health, and with Cigna''s help you can identify the best option for you. Check-out the "Preventative Care That Pays" flyer to find out how routine preventative check-ups helps increase your coverage level for future services at no additional cost to you.&ampnbsp

Cigna''s website offers easy-to-use risk assessment tools for you and your family to identify factors that may increase your risks for gum disease and cavities. On the myCigna website you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about oral health, compare dentists, browse customer reviews and your dentist may be associated with myCigna''s scheduling tool where you can schedule your next appointment.&ampnbsp

There is also a mobile app you can be use to find a dentist near you, review your dental coverage and calculate the costs for your next appointment.