ActiveHealth Health Management Programme

Managing our health has become increasingly more complex through the utilization of specialized medical providers, the proliferation of medical information, and alternative options related to medical services and prescription drugs. As medical service consumers, it is often difficult to ensure that we receive the best quality of care available. ActiveHealth will provide important care considerations to you and your doctors and will assist you in managing your health.

Completely confidential, ActiveHealth will help you manage your health and be a better health services consumer. Participate in all the features of the programme to derive the maximum benefits available and help to lower overall medical plan costs.

Learn about “ActiveHealth”, a new health benefit programme now available to all Aetna and Empire Blue Cross health insurance plan participants to improve health management and lower health insurance costs.

Watch two short movies for additional information about ActiveHealth:

Informed Care Management - a solution that actively engages all parties in the decision making process. Targeted, patient-specific information is communicated to both the member and the member's physicians to help make smarter, more informed decisions about clinical care - one member at a time.

Care Engine® System helps health plans and self-insured employers lower health care costs by helping members receive the best quality care.

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