New to the UN

The UN offers its staff a comprehensive insurance scheme under its headquarters health & life insurance programme that provides eligible staff members and their eligible dependants medical, dental, vision and life insurance coverage.  Benefits included in this scheme are, routine physicals, inpatient and outpatient services, hospital, pharmacy, vision care and other benefits.  Dental benefits include diagnostic and preventative, restorative, and orthodontic care.

There are several different carriers that administer the health & life insurance programme.  Staff members have 31 days from their date of employment to sign-up for medical insurance. As there are several US-based plans, there is a chart that provides a comparison of the US-based medical plans (Aetna, Empire, and HIP).

For staff member enroled in a US-based medical programme, there is a separate Dental programme administered by CIGNA.  Staff members have 31 days from your date of employment to sign-up for dental insurance.

The Life Insurance plane is administered Aetna.  Staff members have 60 days from your date of employment to sign-up for life insurance without having to worry about submitting Aetna's "Evidence of Insurability" form.  After your 60th day of employment life insurance coverage is not guaranteed.  

Note: Beneficiary details for the group life insurance plan are only maintained by completing, signing, and submitting one of the Aetna Life Insurance Beneficiary forms.