Leaving the UN

Staff members leaving the UN who participated in the UN's comprehensive insurance scheme under its headquarters health & life insurance programme often have questions regarding if they may continue to be covered by the insurance scheme.  The Health and Life Insurance section is sharing this information to assist with the questions and decisions you may face as you leave the UN.  

For those leaving the UN within the next 6 months, we strongly advise you to discuss your ASHI options with your MIP focal point if enrolled in MIP or by emailing hlis@un.org if enrolled in a UNHQ-administered plan (UN WWP, Cigna Dental, Aetna, Empire, and/or HIP).


Health Insurance

Eligible for After-service Health Insurance (ASHI)

For those eligible to continue coverage, per ASHI rules, you have a 62 day window to decide and submit an application (31 days before your separation date to 31 days after your separation date) for ASHI coverage for yourself and any eligible dependents currently covered by you under a UNHQ-sponsored Health Insurance Plan. 

If you received a package that provides insurance as an Active staff member before you transition to ASHI, you must include notification of this as part of your ASHI application.  

Important Consideration: Please note that in accordance with the ASHI AI and Section 7.3 of ST/AI/2001/2 the participatory years under the limited duration appointment are not included in the calculation of eligibility as the rules state enrolment in a United Nations contributory health insurance plan by a staff member under an ALD appointment shall not be counted for the purpose of determining eligibility for coverage under the United Nations after-service health insurance programme.


Not Eligible for ASHI

For those not eligible to continue coverage per ASHI rules, your Medical Insurance coverage will end on the last day of your separation month, unless you have received a separation offer that states otherwise.  

You will find information in the current Information Circular under the Conversion Privilege section.  The Conversion Privilege if applicable only allows a continuation of coverage.  It does not guarantee coverage under the UN health insurance scheme as individuals must avail themselves of insurance products on the open market.

Individuals may also want to reach-out to the United Nations Federal Credit Union for individual insurance products they may offer or Orion the organisation that provides assistance with obtaining insurance for non-UN staff. 

All individual purchasing insurance must work directly with the insurance company or vendor to obtain coverage.


Life Insurance

Eligible for After-service Life Insurance (ASLI)

For those eligible to continue coverage per ASLI rules, you do not need to apply for ASLI.   Details regarding ASLI eligibility may be found in Section 9 of ST/ AI/2002/6.


Not Eligible for ASLI

The conversion privilege is part of the United Nations group insurance programme. It allows staff members who cease employment with the United Nations and do not qualify for after-service insurance benefits to arrange for a continuation of their life insurance policy under an individual contract.  Details regarding the conversion privilege may be found in ST/IC/2002/63, paragraph 21.