HR Officers

The goal of the Health and Life Insurance section is to utilise this area to highlight information we feel will help improve the quality of service provided to staff members.  In addition, in the future we plan to add a FAQ section specifically for HR Officers.

New to UNHQ

Processing Delays

From time-to-time we've encountered delays in processing applications.  Below is a list of the most frequent reasons why an application isn't processed.

  • Delays in forwarding
  • Missing signatures
  • Illegible handwriting
  • Duplicate application received with conflicting instructions
  • No cover letter or routing slips
  • Incorrect personal email and mailing addresses
  • Dependents not listed in system

Staff members on a SLWOP:

  • Can continue coverage both Health and Life insurance but they must pay the entire insurance premium while on a SLWOP
  • At UNHQ, they must contact the Health & Life Insurance section to continue coverage and obtain payment instructions
  • For agency staff members, they must contact their HR officers to continue coverage and obtain payment instructions
  • Must provide evidence that their SLWOP has been approved
  • Must submit advance payment covering the full premium for coverage to continue
  • Can discontinue coverage, but when they return to active duty from their SLWOP, they must reapply for coverage
    • For Health Insurance, they must submit a new application within 31 days of return
    • For Life Insurance, they must submit a new application and complete the Evidence of Insurability form and coverage can be denied

Personal Action (PA) Forms and Coverage

  • Coverage automatically terminates when a separation PA is approved and this is affected by retro PAs.
  • UN HR Officers should note that in Umoja, in addition to separation PAs, other PA changes may also terminate or delete a staff members or retirees insurance coverage.