How do I request a new or replacement ID card?

For new subscribers, cards are shipped by the insurance carriers to subscribers’ mailing addresses 10 business days after the upload of the Insurance Eligibility file which is transmitted to the Insurance carriers, mid month and end of month.  Please allow 3 – 4 weeks upon enrolment.

To obtain a replacement card you must contact member services of the applicable insurance carrier (Aetna, CIGNA, Empire).                   

For details regarding contacting your insurance carrier, please visit either their page on this website or the current Information Circular.

IMPORTANT: There are no cards for subscribers of the UN short term.


For Aetna, Empire, and CIGNA Dental subscribers please access insurance carrier's website to register and print or request a card. Your ID numbers are as follows:

IMPORTANT: (If your index number is less than 6 digits add zeros in front of your index to make up the 6 digits)

Aetna: ID number: 000 + staff member’s six digit index #

BlueCross: Please refer to the full announcement explaining the new ID structure

CIGNA Dental:  R + staff member’s 8 digit index # (Please refer to full announcement explaining the new ID structure)


Group Policy # are as follows:

Aetna:           014008-12-008 (UN Staff)

                     014008-14-008 (UNDP Staff)

                     014008-15-008 (UNICEF Staff)


Aetna Global:  620538-12-001 (UN Staff)

                      620538-12-001 (UNDP Staff)

                       620538-12-001 (UNICEF Staff)


BlueCross:       374610 - A (UN Staff)

                        374610 - G (UNDP Staff)

                        374610 - I (UNICEF Staff)


CIGNA:      3211508 (ALL staff members)