Frequently Asked Questions - Active staff

For new subscribers, cards are shipped by the insurance carriers to subscribers’ mailing addresses 10 business days after the upload of the Insurance Eligibility file which is transmitted to the Insurance carriers, mid month and end of month.  Please allow 3 – 4 weeks upon enrolment.

To obtain a replacement card you must contact member services of the applicable insurance carrier (Aetna, CIGNA, Empire).                   

For details regarding contacting your insurance carrier, please visit either their page on this website or the current Information Circular.

IMPORTANT: There are no cards for subscribers of the UN short term.


For Aetna, Empire, and CIGNA Dental subscribers please access insurance carrier's website to register and print or request a card. Your ID numbers are as follows:

IMPORTANT: (If your index number is less than 6 digits add zeros in front of your index to make up the 6 digits)

Aetna: ID number: 000 + staff member’s six digit index #

BlueCross: Please refer to the full announcement explaining the new ID structure

CIGNA Dental:  R + staff member’s 8 digit index # (Please refer to full announcement explaining the new ID structure)


Group Policy # are as follows:

Aetna:           014008-12-008 (UN Staff)

                     014008-14-008 (UNDP Staff)

                     014008-15-008 (UNICEF Staff)


Aetna Global:  620538-12-001 (UN Staff)

                      620538-12-001 (UNDP Staff)

                       620538-12-001 (UNICEF Staff)


BlueCross:       374610 - A (UN Staff)

                        374610 - G (UNDP Staff)

                        374610 - I (UNICEF Staff)


CIGNA:      3211508 (ALL staff members)

Adding a new dependant

The following are the various events to enrol dependants for coverage within 31 days of such event:

  • New Birth – copy of modified Personnel Action Form (PAF) required
  • Adoption - copy of modified Personnel Action Form (PAF) required
  • New marriage - copy of modified Personnel Action Form (PAF) required
  • When enrolling a new born the effective date of Coverage is always the new born’s date of birth.  (DOB)

Cessation of coverage

Coverage ceases automatically following a separation from service. For re-instatement staff members must re-apply within 31 days of being re-appointed by submitting an application and PA to Insurance. Coverage may also cease for staff members transferring to another pay rolling duty station or department and re-application may be necessary for coverage to be reinstated.

Note: Voluntary termination of medical and/or dental coverage can only be requested during the Annual Enrolment Campaign period.


  • For UNDP and UNICEF staff members, please forward your change of address request to your personnel office and ensure that both home and mailing addresses reflect your new address.
  • For UN staff members, please update your mailing address in Umoja.  Please ensure that your information is added in the appropriate field.  If your mailing address includes an apartment number, please add it to the second address line.
  • For retirees, please send an email to Please be sure to include your index and/or retiree number.

Loss of coverage under a spouse's health insurance plan owing to the spouse's loss of employment beyond his or her control is considered to constitute a qualifying event for the purpose of enrolment in a United Nations health insurance plan, provided that the staff member holds a qualifying contract with the United Nations.

Application for enrolment in a United Nations health insurance plan under these circumstances must be made within 31 days of the qualifying event. The staff member will need to submit a health insurance application form. In addition, application for coverage must be accompanied by an official letter from the spouse's employer, certifying the termination of employment and its effective date. 

Insurance coverage is terminated automatically but is not automatically restored, for staff members:

  • whose contracts expire or who are separated from service; or
  • who transfer between Organisations e.g., UN, UNDP, UNICEF; or
  • who are reappointed following any break in employment or change in employment contract series; or
  • who transfer to a different payrolling office.

Most individuals whose contracts end do in fact leave the United Nations common system. However, many insured staff members transfer between e.g., the United Nations, United Nations Development Programme or United Nations Children's Fund; these staff members must reapply for health insurance coverage as soon as a personnel action has been generated by their employing organisation. Such reapplication for health insurance coverage must be made within 31 days of the effective date of the transfer. Strict attention to this requirement is necessary to ensure continuity of health insurance coverage because, as noted, separation from an organisation results in the automatic termination of insurance coverage at the end of the month. Staff members who transfer between organisations should also ensure that the receiving organisation establishes the staff member's household members and mailing address in its database so that coverage can be reinstated under the receiving organisation.

Staff members should also be aware that if there is a separation from service, no matter how short, insurance coverage will be terminated. Therefore, upon any reappointment, the staff member must reapply in order to reinstate health and/or life insurance coverage.   

Finally, whenever a staff member's transfer involves a change in payrolling office, the insurance at the former office ceases, and insurance at the receiving office must be established. This is not automatic and requires an application. 

Health Insurance 

  • ​​Active staff:
    • New Hire/Re-hire: Provided that the application is made within the prescribed 31-day time frame, coverage for a staff member newly enrolled in a health insurance plan commences either on the first day of a qualifying contract (minimum of 3 months for medical and dental insurance) or on the first day of the following month.
    • Annual Enrolment Campaign: coverage commences 1 July.
    • Change in payrolling office/agency: coverage commences either on the first day of a qualifying contract (minimum of 3 months for medical and dental insurance) or on the first day of the month following a qualifying contract.
    • New dependant: coverage commences on the first day the dependant becomes eligible (for example on the day a child is born or adopted, on the marriage date for a spouse).
  • Retirees: after-service coverage commences on the first day of the month following retirement.

Kindly note that although effective on the afore-mentioned dates, it may take 3-4 weeks for the coverage to be reflected under the Insurance provider database and insurance cards to be mailed.  Staff members and retirees may therefore be requested to pay expenses upfront and should seek reimbursement through the insurance provider once the insurance cards are received.

Life Insurance

  • Initial Appointment: coverage commences on the first day of the month during which the application is submitted
  • Evidence of Insurability required: coverage commences on the approval date by Aetna


  • If a contract terminates before the last day of a month, coverage will remain in place until the end of that month. For example, if the contract terminates on 15 December 2013, the coverage will end on 31 December 2013.

Please visit the New to the UN page for health and life insurance coverage options offered by the United Nations. Additionally, you may find Navigating the Healthcare System in the US, a handbook prepared by the United Nations Medical Services Division, to be a great resource to guide you on how the health care system works in the US.

  • Claims for reimbursement must always be submitted directly to the insurance carrier no later than two years from the date the medical expense was incurred.
  • If a claim is denied in whole or in part, the subscriber has the right to appeal the decision by submitting a written request for review by the insurance carrier 
  • In the event of a claim dispute the resolution of such dispute is guided by the terms and conditions of the policy contract in question and the final decision rests with the insurance carrier and not the United Nations.
  • For a more detailed description of plans including exclusions and limitations please see the Member Plan Descriptions set out on the Plans page of this website.