Health Insurance: Enrollment

The insurance plan you're eligible for depends on your location and term of appointment. If you or a dependant are located in the US, you must select a US-based insurance plan (Aetna or Empire). Vanbreda is only for staff member and their dependants located overseas who will not require health care in the US. MIP is only for locally-recruited staff members in duty stations away from Headquarters. For most situations (new hire, change in duty station, new addition to the family, etc.) you have 31 days from the event date (e.g., date of birth, date of marriage, etc.) to enroll in the plan.

Step 1: Review your details in Umoja via Employee Self Service (ESS) or for those not using Umoja, confirm with your OHRM that all eligible dependants are listed in appropriate Human Resources Systems as the Insurance Section can not add dependants or make changes to indicative data such as name, date of birth, etc.

Step 2: If you are a new hire your Personnel Action form (PA) should be completed and processed before enrollment. However, if your PA is processed after 31 days please contact the Insurance Section for additional assistance, so that the enrolment window may be extended in ESS.

Step 3: Complete the enrollment process in Umoja via Employee Self Service (ESS) or for those not using Umoja, complete the applicable insurance enrollment form (Print Clearly Use Black Ink)

Step 4: For those not using Umoja, forward the completed form and supporting documents, such as your PA, to the Insurance Section

Step 5: Keep a copy of the enrollment form for your records