FAQs on Covid-19

We know many of you have questions regarding your health insurance coverage in connection with the Covid-19 outbreak. Therefore, we are sharing the enclosed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with you as part of our ongoing updates on the UN’s efforts to respond to, and overcome, the pandemic. 

If I contract COVID-19, will my doctor visits be covered?

Will US-based Third-party Administrators (Aetna and Empire) cover COVID-19 testing and vaccines?

Will Cigna cover COVID-19 testing and vaccines for plan participants enrolled in UN WWP and UN MIP?

Do US-based plans provide online consultations?

To see the answers to the above questions and to many more, please click on the following link:

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in connection with Covid-19

 In addition, more information on what the UN is doing can be found at 


Stay safe!