Empire's Home Delivery Program - Everything we should know about this benefit

On Wednesday 11 November, HLIS organized an information session to guide us through the various Pharmacy Programs, the benefits of the Home Delivery Program and the actions we should take after making a choice. You can find the slide deck as well as the recording of this information session below:

More than 15% of our Empire plan participants have found their way to the Home Delivery Program. This program enables plan participants who take maintenance or long-term medication to fill a 90-day prescription while at the same time containing cost. By using the Home Delivery Program, we keep premium increases down, as medication is very likely to be less costly than the same medication at our local pharmacy. Using the Home Delivery Program also saves us time and, in most cases, money through lower co-pays. 

What changed on 1 July 2020? 

All Empire plan participants on maintenance or long-term medication are encouraged to simply ask their treating physician to fill a 90-day prescription through the Home Delivery Program or at a CVS pharmacy for the reasons highlighted above.  

However, if you prefer to fill your 30-day prescriptions at your local pharmacy (which is not a CVS pharmacy), you must contact Empire to opt-out of the Home Delivery Program. This should ultimately be done after 3 curtesy refills in this plan year, which started on 1 July. After that, you will have to pay the full cost for your medications until you contact Ingenio-RX and request to opt out from the Home Delivery Program!  

After opting out, we can get the prescriptions filled at your local pharmacy of choice and pay the co-pays plus any other charges based on the type of medications as described in the overview of the different Pharmacy Programs offered by Empire. 

Choose now and let Empire know what Pharmacy Program you prefer! 

Two easy ways to make your choice: 

  1. Just log in at empireblue.com and select Pharmacy. From there you can select Home Delivery or 90-day pick up at one of the many CVS retail pharmacies.  
  2. Or, you can call Pharmacy Member Services any time at 833-236-6196 or 833-252-0325 (the number printed on the back of your Empire card) and let Empire know your choice. 

Please be reminded that the UNHQ administered health plans are self-insured health schemes and it is our shared responsibility to contain costs.