2020 Annual Insurance Campaign

The 2020 Annual Insurance Campaign ( “Campaign” ) for all Health Insurance Plans administered by the United Nations Headquarters will be held from 1 to 30 June 2020. 

The Campaign is the annual opportunity for the eligible active staff to enrol, make changes to their existing coverage, add and remove eligible dependents and terminate the coverage in one of the following health insurance plans: Aetna, Empire Blue Cross, Cigna US Dental, HIP & the UN Worldwide plan.

Where can I find the presentation of the online information session?

On June 15th and June 16th, the Health & Life Insurance Section, the Health & Life Insurance Committee and the Third Party Administrators Cigna International Health Benefits, Cigna Dental, Aetna and Empire hosted information sessions for staff. You will find both slidedecks and recordings of the sessions below.

Session on US-based plans:

Session on UN Worldwide Plan and UN Medical Insurance Plan:

What action is required from you during the Campaign?

  • Prior to enrolling or making changes to your insurance plan ,please note that it is your responsibility to understand the benefits and limitations of each health insurance plan as well as respective premiums:
  • You may log on to ESS to make changes to your coverage. This may include changing health insurance plan, adding a family member who was not previously covered, or terminating coverage for a currently covered family member. Here are the steps to take:
    • Review your current health insurance participation status through Umoja ESS.
      • Log on to the ESS Portal;
      • Click the “Employee Self-Service SM” tab;
      • Click Benefits & Payments;
      • Click “Confirmation Form” in the Benefits sub section;
      • The Benefits Confirmation Statement will be displayed in pdf format.
    • Review and update, if necessary, their mailing address through Umoja ESS.
    • Review your eligible dependents to ensure that they are properly reflected (i.e. spelling of names, date of birth, gender, etc.) in Umoja ESS. Secondary dependents are not eligible for coverage under the UNHQ-administered health insurance plans

Job aid to making changes through ESS

Please remember to complete such action by 30 June 2020, as Umoja will automatically end the Campaign. Once Umoja automatically ends the Campaign period, no further changes can be made without a qualifying work or life event. All changes made during the Annual Insurance Campaign period will be effective 1 July 2020.


Should you enrol in a UN administered health insurance  plan?

During the Campaign, staff who are eligible to participate but are not enrolled in one of the above-mentioned plans may enrol in the plan of their choice, except for HIP which is a closed plan. Although participation in a UN health insurance plan is not mandatory, the Health and Life Insurance Section strongly recommends that eligible staff members take this opportunity to carefully consider their family’s health insurance needs, as the campaign is the only opportunity to make desired changes without a qualifying event as reflected in the ST/IC/2020/13. While it is not mandatory by the UN, local legislation in your duty station may require that you are adequately insured. As a staff member, it is your responsibility to ensure you and your family are sufficiently and adequately insured.


Are the UN WWP participants adequately covered in the US?

If you’re enrolled in the UN Worldwide Plan, please note that the plan coverage is not appropriate if you and/or one or more of your eligible dependents  intend to seek health care in the United States. The plan does not provide adequate coverage given the high cost of health care in the US and Health and Life Insurance Section strongly recommends  that you enrol in a US plan during the Campaign since switching at a later date in the absence of a qualifying event  will not be possible.

Important Reminder:  As of 1 July 2017, the annual deductible under the UN Worldwide Plan increased to $5,000 per person/$15,000 per family for all services received in the United States.  This means that all plan members of the UN Worldwide Plan who come to the US for medical treatment will have to pay the first $5,000 ($15,000 for family) before the plan pays any medical provider for services rendered in the US.  


Where can you find more information?

A new information circular providing the relevant information on each of the insurance plans to be offered for the 2020-2021 plan year is available here. 

Detailed plan information may be found on Circulars/MPDs in the Member Plan Documents (MPDs).  Everyone is encouraged to review the plan specific MPDs as they provide detailed coverage information.  


Please note that after 30 June 2020, only staff members who provide proof of being away from the duty station for the entire campaign period, the entire month of June 2020 may request the open enrolment period to be extended for them. Such requests must be submitted within 31 days of return to the duty station.  Eligible staff members must send the proof of absence from the duty station via email to hlis@un.org. The proof, depending on the reason for absence, may take the form of an approved travel authorization, approved annual leave or special leave without pay, or approved sick leave (no diagnosis required) .

Effective date of change will remain 1 July 2020.