Active staff

The United Nations Secretariat Health Insurance programme for active staff members was designed in 1947 to enable eligible staff members to meet the increasingly heavy costs of medical attention and hospitalizations for themselves and their eligible family members.  Under special arrangement with established voluntary associations and an Insurance carrier, staff members at the Headquarters enjoyed a group insurance plan on a subsidy from the Organisation.

Since 1957 however as authorised by the General Assembly resolution 1095(XI) the Organisation paid a share of the premiums calculated to meet at least one half of the overall cost with greater support given to lower paid staff.

Improved health protection has over the years been available to staff members and their dependants at Headquarters, offices away from the Headquarters (OAH), missions, and others UN Agencies.

The contributions to the cost of the plans are graduated and entitlement to benefits ceases upon separation from service. That is coverage automatically ceases on retirement, a separation for disability or on a separation from the Organisation.  The only exception to coverage ceasing are those retirees that are eligible for and have elected to enrol in After Service Health Insurance (ASHI).

For information on eligibility coverage and cost, or on other aspects pertaining to the health insurance plan for active staff members please review ST/IC/2020/13.

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