Inclusive local development to advance the SDGs in the commune of Fass-Dakar ​

Duration: July 2021 – June 2024
Budget: US$2,074,010 (UNTFHS: $1,084,010; Pooled Funding: $990,000)​
Implementing Agencies: UNFPA, UNICEF, UNDP, UN Women, UNRCO​

Recognizing that the significant inequalities facing youth and women are an obstacle to advancing the SDGs at the local level in Senegal, this programme aims to tackle the drivers of economic, health and food insecurity among youth and women in the commune of Fass-Dakar, notably through entrepreneurial capacity-building and improved access to basic social services.   

The programme builds on an initiative supported by the UNTFHS in 2019 to strengthen the application of human security towards accelerating the achievement of the SDGs at the local level in West Africa. [LINK]