Fostering reforestation, environmental sustainability and tourism in the Okyeman area: Accelerating the SDGs through a multi-stakeholder, community-based approach to sustainable livelihoods and wellbeing

Duration: March 2021 – February 2024
Budget: US$2,368,741 (UNTFHS: $1,003,791; Pooled Funding: $1,364,950)
Implementing Agencies: UNDP, UNICEF, WHO, UNEP and UNRCO

The high levels of deforestation of Ghana’s forest areas over the past decade have had significant economic, political, environmental, nutritional and health impacts on the local populations. This programme aims to address critical gaps in these areas by building the capacity of local institutions and communities to invest in sustainable environmental governance and management as well as ecotourism, thus expanding livelihood opportunities and promoting better health and educational outcomes. 

The programme builds on an initiative between the Human Security Unit and the International Peace Institute in 2019 to strengthen the application of human security towards accelerating the achievement of the SDGs at the local level in West Africa. [LINK]


  • Programme Summary: forthcoming