Sierra Leone

Region: Africa
  • Duration: January 2021 - December 2022
    Budget: US$4,309,383 (UNTFHS: $1,010,823; Pooled Funding: $3,298,560)​
    Implementing Agencies: UNDP, FAO and UNRCO

    The populations living in the Kono District are facing numerous interconnected challenges, such as civil instability, a non-diversified economy with limited opportunities for income generation, unsustainable mining practices, destructive forestry activities, low agricultural productivity, and inadequate governance systems for community decision-making. This programme aims to address these issues through the enhancement of economic, political and community security and social cohesion at the community level.  


  • A group of people are standing next to canisters full of water. A woman is washing her hands underneath a stream of water.

    Duration: July 2002 - December 2007
    Budget: US$3,090,000
    Implementing Agencies: UNDP

    The programme contributed to the reintegration and resettlement of ex-combatants through the provision of vocational training, creation of short-term employment opportunities, and promotion of community reconciliation and co-existence.