Region: Middle East
  • Duration: April 2019 - September 2020
    Budget: US$4,761,436
    Implementing Agencies: UN-Habitat, UN Women, UNICEF

    The programme enhanced the human security of both vulnerable refugee and host communities by implementing an integrated approach to address socio-economic and personal security challenges, as well as enhance urban and public services in the municipality of Tripoli. Through partnerships between the municipality, the national government, the UN system, and local NGOs, the programme restored the Abjad community center and rehabilitated the public market Souk Al Albissah, thereby creating hubs of economic and social activity. This helped improve the livelihoods of programme participants and the broader community as well as contributed to greater social harmony between refugees and host communities.


  • Local authorities stand in a field in Lebanon. One man, on the right, is wearing a vest and a radio transceiver. A woman behind him is taking a photo of the field with a large camera.

    Duration: August 2006 - March 2009
    Budget: US$2,966,590
    Implementing Agencies: UNMAS/UNOPS, UNDP

    By removing the threat of explosive remnants of war (ERWs) – landmines, cluster munitions and unexploded ordinances – the programme increased activities within and across communities, and supported the transition towards peace and reconstruction through training in economic and agricultural activities.


  • Children are standing in a field, where some small trees have been planted. They are accompanied by same adults who are supervising the children. A hill is in the background with some houses.

    Duration: April 2004 - December 2006
    Budget: US$740,914
    Implementing Agencies: UNDP

    The programme sought to contribute to national reconciliation and economic recovery by providing medical rehabilitation, social and psychological counselling, as well as vocational and skills training. These efforts helped to ensure the reintegration of former detainees into their families and communities.