Welcome to the quarterly newsletter on human security at the United Nations and beyond. Four times a year, the newsletter will bring you updates from the United Nations Human Security Unit and United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security, highlighting notable local, national, regional and global developments related to advancing human security for all. Please feel free to share the newsletter widely with others.


Winter 2019

Remembering Sadako Ogata | Human Security and LNOB | Multi-stakeholder Partnerships and the SDGs | AHSI | Human Security in South Kordofan

Summer 2019

Combating ineqaulities| HDPN in Nigeria | Private Sector Partnerships in Colombia | Boe Declaration | UHC in Central America & Dominican Republic

Summer 2018

Value of human security | Resilience in Jamaica | Global Compact on Migration | Switzerland in Uzbekistan | UNTFHS in Liberia | Sustaining Peace