Global Call 2017


In 2017, the United Nations Secretariat launched the first Global Call for Nominations for Positions of Special Representatives of the Secretary-General (SRSG) and Deputy Special Representatives of the Secretary-General (DSRSG). It reached a global audience and resulted in the inclusion of new profiles in the leadership database. Since the 2017 Global Call several nominees have been considered for senior appointment processes within the United Nations. So far, four nominees have been appointed as Heads and deputy Heads of Mission. This includes two official Member States’ nominees, one referral from a United Nations entity and one self-nomination.


Snapshot of the Global Call 2017

719 nominations from 126 nationalities, approx. 400 included in the database, 41% women, 41 Member States submitted 116 official nominations, 4 SRSG/DSRSG appointments so far.


As is the case with the current Global Call campaign, the 2017 initiative aimed to augment and diversify the existing pool of potential candidates for leadership positions in United Nations peace operations.


Results of the Global Call 2017

Results dashboard from the 2017 Global Call

The campaign began mid-February and lasted until the first week of May 2017. A total of 719 nominations* from 126 different countries were received, of which 29% were from Africa, 13% from the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East region, 6% from Eastern Europe, 8% from Latin America and the Caribbean. 45% of the nominations were from the Western Europe and Others Group.


*a higher number (765) of nominations were received, however some were duplications.