UN Briefing Papers/The World Conferences: Developing Priorities for the 21st Century
1997, 112 pp., ISBN 92-1-100631-7, Sales No. E.97.I.5. Also available in French and Spanish. $12.00.

The World Conferences: Developing Priorities for the 21st Century is part of the UN Briefing Papers series, which provides a resource guide to key issues that are priority areas of concern for the United Nations.

The published version of this edition offers a comprehensive picture of the central role that the Organization is playing in helping to realize the global agenda on development forged by UN Members States at each of the twelve major conferences organized by the United Nations between 1990 and 1996: from the Children's Summit to the World Food Summit. It outlines the common themes and recommendations that emerged from the conferences and what is being done to make these recommendations a reality. The book also features several annexes and a selected bibliography of UN publications.

The text that follows is a sampling of what can be found in the publication. It includes chapters on three of the twelve conferences covered in the book: the World Summit for Children, the UN Conference on Environment and Development and the Fourth World Conference on Women. This electronic version also provides links to the Websites of relevant substantive offices in the UN system, pertaining to the featured chapters, as well as to the full texts of the pertinent conference documents, international treaties and agreements that are available on the Internet.

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