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Senior Women Talent Pipeline

The United Nations welcomes you to the call for applications/nominations at the director level for the Senior Women Talent Pipeline (SWTP).


The call is open for candidates with demonstrated experience and expertise in the following areas: Political Affairs/Mediation and Rule of Law and Security Institutions. All candidates will go through a competitive assessment process which may include screening, written assessment, and/or interviews. As the call is ongoing, candidates are continuously informed about their application outcome. Candidates accepted to the Pipeline are, subsequently, further supported by our team in the recruitment process for specific positions in UN field missions.

This call is focused on Director-level talent (D1 or D2 level in the UN Common System). Director-level positions are typically located in the Mission headquarters in Peace Operations, usually in the capital of the country hosting the mission. Directors typically manage large, diverse, and multi-functional teams. Most Directors serve in non-family duty stations, meaning staff cannot bring their dependent family members (e.g. spouse, children) with them to the duty station. Staff serving in non-family duty stations are, however, compensated financially and also enjoy additional rest and recuperation allowance in addition to the mandated annual leave. Currently, the majority of UN Peace Operations are located in Africa and the Middle East. For more information on pay and benefits, and career options, as well as to apply to specific positions, please visit this website.


Thank you for your interest in working for peace and we hope you will nominate or apply!


United Nations Global Call 2019

The Global Call for Nominations for the positions of Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) and Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General (DSRSG) in the United Nations Peace Operations is a separate outreach initiative conducted by the United Nations Secretariat to increase the pool of candidates for the Head and deputy Head of Mission positions in the field. For more information, please click here.

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