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Third Committee

Press Releases

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23 December 2009

General Assembly Adopts $5.16 Billion Budget for 2010-2011, Maintains Current Scale of Assessments for Regular Budget, Peacekeeping, Concluding Main Part of Session

18 December 2009

General Assembly Adopts 56 Resolutions, 9 Decisions Recommended by Third Committee on Broad Range of Human Rights, Social, Cultural Issues

24 November 2009

Girl Child, Eliminating Racism, Protecting Human Rights while Countering Terrorism among Issues, as Third Committee Approves Five More Texts, Concludes Session

23 November 2009

Third Committee Decision Welcomes Outcome of Durban Review Conference, One of Six Texts Recommended to General Assembly for Adoption

20 November 2009

Acting on 20th Anniversary of Child Rights Convention, Third Committee Approves Annual Resolution on Rights of the Child by Consensus

19 November 2009

General Assembly Will Adopt Declaration, Strategy to Counter World Drug Problem under Terms of Draft Resolution Approved by Third Committee

12 November 2009

Third Committee Approves Resolution Aimed at ‘Combating Defamation of Religions’, One of 16 Draft Texts Recommended to General Assembly

10 November 2009

Saying Torture Can ‘Never Be Justified,’ Third Committee Approves Text Condemning Any Attempt to Legalize, Authorize, Including on National Security Grounds

3 November 2009

Five ‘Mega-Trends” -- including Population Growth, Urbanization, Climate Change -- Make Contemporary Displacement Increasingly Complex, Third Committee Told

2 November 2009

Third Committee Speakers Say Durban Review Conference Start of New Era in Fight against Racial Discrimination

29 October 2009

Third Committee Approves Resolution Calling for ‘Intensified Efforts’ by All UN Bodies to Eliminate Violence against Women

28 October 2009

Speakers in Third Committee Draw Links between Fight to Secure Human Rights, Fight against Poverty, as Three-Day Discussion Concludes

27 October 2009

UN Expert tells Third Committee No State Free from Human Rights Violations, Accountability System Must Be Effective in as Many States as Possible

26 October 2009

Political Affairs Head Says UN Efforts to Assist Elections in ‘High Demand’ as Third Committee’s Debate on Promotion of Human Rights Continues

23 October 2009

Third Committee Hears Presentations from Six UN Human Rights Experts, As Debate on Promotion, Protection of Human Rights Continues

22 October 2009

Third Committee Approves Texts on Crime Congress, Cooperatives, Year of Family, Women’s Anti-Discrimination Convention, African Crime Institute, Ageing

21 October 2009

Ordinary People Throughout World Want Human Rights of Universal Declaration ‘Translated into Reality’, UN High Commissioner Tells Third Committee

20 October 2009

Convention against Torture ‘Next Generation Treaty’ That Places Value on Prevention over Cure, Third Committee Told

19 October 2009

Implementing Declaration on Indigenous Rights Will Bring ‘Historical Justice’, Develop Stronger, Democratic, Multicultural Societies, Third Committee Told

16 October 2009

Credibility of States ‘Rested in Their Work for Future Generations’; Children Must Be Protected, Nurtured, Encouraged to Participate, Third Committee Told

15 October 2009

Third Committee Approves Texts on Commemoration of 15th Anniversary of Beijing Declaration, Technical Assistance for Implementing Terrorism Conventions

14 October 2009

Urgent Action Needed by World Community to Stamp Out Violence against Children, Newly Appointed Special Representative Tells Third Committee

13 October 2009

Efforts to Empower Women, Initiatives to Promote Sustainable Economic Growth Mutually Reinforcing, Say Third Committee Speakers

12 October 2009

Third Committee Delegates Encourage Speedy Implementation of Proposal for New, Composite United Nations Body to Oversee Gender Equality, Women’s Empowerment

8 October 2009

Successful Fight against Drug Trafficking, Transnational Organized Crime Requires Interlocking National, Regional, International Strategies, Third Committee Told

7 October 2009

Sinister Nexus’ of Drugs, Crime, Terrorism Must Be Countered by Promoting Health, Justice, Security, Third Committee Told

6 October 2009

Strengthening Well-Being of Youth Not Just a Question of Rights; Should Be Key Strategy in Bolstering Vitality of Global Village, Third Committee Told

5 October 2009

World Economic Crisis Could Have ‘Unparalleled Negative Consequences’ on Human Development, Third Committee Told, as Debate Begins for Current Session