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4 找到年的记录
# 文号 行预咨委会报告标题 Related Reports




1. E/ICEF/2009/AB/L.8 United Nations Children's Fund support budget for the biennium 2010-2011
2. HSP/GC/22/5/Add.1 HABITAT: Draft work programme and budget for the biennium 2010-2011, Report by the Executive Director, Addendum (HSP/GC/22/5) (AC/1680 dated 24 February 2009)
3. UNEP/GC.25/12/Add.1 UNEP: Proposed biennial programme and support budget for 2010-2011 (UNEP/GC.25/12) (AC/1674 dated 4 February 2009)
4. WFP/EB.A/2009/6(A WFP: Audited Annual Accounts, 2008 (WFP/EB.A/2009/6-A/1); Appointment of Members to the Audit Committee (WFP/EB.A/2009/6-B/1 and WFP/EB.A/2009/6-B/1/Add.1); Financial Framework Review (WFP/EB.A/2009/6-C/1); Progress Report on the Implementation of the External Auditor Recommendations (WFP/EB.A/2009/6-D/1); Report of the Inspector General (WFP/EB.A/2009/6-E/1); Fifth Update on the WFP Management Plan (2008-2009) (WFP/EB.A/2009/6-F/1); Annual Report of the WFP Audit Committee (WFP/EB.A/2009/6-G/1); Update on the WINGS II Project (WFP/EB.A/2009/6-I/1) (AC/1683 dated 4 June 2009)