Elections & Appointments - 60th session of the United Nations General Assembly
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Inaugural session

The session was held from 19 to 30 June 2006, in Geneva Read more >>

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Membership of the Human Rights Council


The election of the members of the Human Rights Council (HRC) was held by the United Nations General Assembly during its 60th session, on 9 May 2006.

Member States listed below announced their candidacies in writing and were elected directly and individually by a majority of the Members of the General Assembly. They shall not be eligible for immediate re-election after two consecutive terms (para.7 of resolution A/RES/60/251).

Pledges that Member States have chosen to provide to the Secretariat in support of their respective candidacies are being made available in the language submitted [(P) in PDF format].


* Declaration of candidacy withdrawn
African States
(13 seats)
Asian States
(13 seats)
Eastern European States
(6 seats)
Latin American & Caribbean States
(8 seats)
Western European & Other States
(7 seats)
Algeria (P) Bangladesh (P) Albania (P) Argentina (P) Canada (P)
Cameroon (P) Bahrain (P) Armenia (P) Brazil (P) Finland (P)
Djibouti (P) China (P) Azerbaijan (P) Cuba (P) France (P)
Gabon (P) India (P) Czech Rep. (P) Ecuador (P) Germany (P)
Ghana (P) Indonesia (P) Georgia (P) Guatemala (P) Greece (P)
Kenya (P) * Iran (P) Hungary (P) Honduras (P) * Netherlands (P)
Mali (P) Iraq (P) Latvia (P) Mexico (P) Portugal (P)
Mauritius (P) Japan (P) Lithuania (P) Nicaragua (P) Switzerland (P)
Morocco (P) Jordan (P) Poland (P) Peru (P) United Kingdom (P)
Nigeria (P) Kyrgyzstan (P) Romania (P) Uruguay (P)  
Senegal (P) Lebanon (P) Russian Federation (P) Venezuela (P)  
South Africa (P) Malaysia (P) Slovenia (P)    
Tunisia (P) Pakistan (P) Ukraine (P)    
Zambia (P) Philippines (P)      
  Rep. of Korea (P)      
  Saudi Arabia (P)      
  Sri Lanka (P)      
  Thailand (P)