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Technology: National Cleaner Technology Strategies Initiative (NCTS)


The United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) at its sixth session urged developing countries and countries with economies in transition to develop strategies for innovation, commercialization and diffusion of environmentally sound technologies. The CSD also called for regional expert meetings to be organized by the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development (DSD/DESA) and other international organizations, in cooperation with host governments, as mechanisms for the development of guidelines or manuals for the design and implementation of national technology strategies.

The focus of the work should be on technologies that increase productivity while reducing waste and pollution. The initiative is intended to include four regional meetings which are to be held in the following order:  Latin America and the Caribbean (Fall 1999), Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union (Summer 2000), Asia and the Pacific (Winter 2001) and Africa (Fall  2001).

This initiative is intended as a starting point for a process of development and testing of national cleaner technology strategies.  It will address issues relating to economic growth and social conditions, as well as environmental protection.

The general objective of the project is to encourage governments to develop and implement National Cleaner Technology Strategies.  These strategies are aimed at promoting research and development activities and transfer of cleaner technologies on the basis of partnerships with domestic and foreign private companies, and to promote the development and commercialisation of cleaner technologies and modernisation of national industries.


  • Inventory of International Assistance Programmes for the Transfer of Cleaner Production Technologies - 1999


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Latin America and the Caribbean
October 1999

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Development Account Projects:

  • Argentina
  • Nicaragua (document forthcoming)
  •  Vietnam (document forthcoming)
  • Tanzania (document forthcoming)

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