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   Sustainable Development Topics

Technology: Related Websites and EST Information Systems

: This page contains links intended to assist users seeking information related to the Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies as well as Cleaner Production issues and related Industry information. This page is presented as a service by the Division for Sustainable Development (DSD). The list and links included are not intended as an all-inclusive or exhaustive list. The DSD does not take responsibility for the working status of the connections provided. Additionally , the opinions and representations made through these sites are not to be construed as those of the DSD.

The DSD encourages corrections or additions to this page. 

This page will be updated every sixty days.


U.N. System and International Organizations

AGRIS - International Info System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology Italy FAO
APCTT DataBank - Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT) databank on ESTs available for transfer India UN-ESCAP
CARIS - Current Agricultural Research Information System Italy FAO
EEIS - Energy and Environment Information System Austria UNIDO
United Nations Environment Programme - Industry and Environment - Sustainable Consumption

Government Systems

Canadian Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse (CPPIC) Canada
DEC - Development Experience Clearinghouse - USAID U.S.
EREC- Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse U.S.
EREN - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network U.S.
GNET - Global Network of Environment & Technology U.S.
NSFC - National Small Flows Clearinghouse U.S.
PPIC (ENVIROSENSE) - Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse U.S.
SAGE - Solvent Alternatives Guide U.S.
Strategis - Industry Canada Canada
SWRA - Selected Water Resources Abstracts U.S.
VISITT - Vendor Information System for Innovative Treatment Technologies U.S.

Other Systems

Asian Institute of Technology Thailand
CABI - CAB Abstracts U.K.
CEABA - Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Abstracts Germany
COMPENDEX - Computerized Engineering Index U.S.
ELDIS Technology Transfer Guide U.K.


UN System and International Organizations Sites

APCTT - Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT) main page India UN-ESCAP
Cleaner Production Sources of Information UNIDO
European Environment Agency
Industrial and Technological Information Bank (INTIB) UNIDO
International Energy Agency
International Environment Technology Centre UNEP

Government Sites

Alternative Fuel Data Center U.S.
CALSTART: Advanced Transportation Website U.S.
Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development U.S.
Connecticut DEP Pollution Prevention U.S.
"Cuttting Paper" United States Department of Energy
Ernest Orlando Berkeley National Laboratory

University/Research Institute based Sites

Asian Institute of Technology Thailand
Clean Process Advisory System (CPAS) U.S.
Center for Clean Industrial and Treatment Technologies(CenCITT) U.S.

Other Sites

World Catalogue of International Chemical Equipment (ACHEMA)
Centre for Sustainable Design
CERES- Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies
Consumers International
Consumers Union, United States
The Energy Conservation Center
Friends of the Earth International - homepage
Friends of the Earth Scotland - homepage


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UN System and International Organizations

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UN System and International Organizations

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