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The Division's Energy and Transport Branch provides advisory services to governments and technical support to projects in the area of energy for sustainable development. Projects and capacity-building activities are also designed to contribute to carrying out the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, as well as other international commitments in the area of sustainable development.

Services that are provided cover:

  • Access to  energy services in developing countries, particularly in rural areas.
  • Managing the demand for energy, largely through energy efficiency efforts.
  • Transportation planning and policy making as they relate to goals of reducing emissions, increasing efficiency, and promoting sustainable modes of transport. 
  • Technical assistance is directed toward capacity building, institutional strengthening, regulatory reform, promoting increased energy and transport  investments, and expanding the role of the private sector and local communities.

With a core staff of in-house energy and transport experts and with over 200 associated consultants, the Division has the capacity to technically backstop projects dealing with all aspects of this highly diverse sector.  Key focus areas of current work include:

  • Energy Efficiency ・integrated resource planning, demand-side management, energy standards and labeling, promotion of energy service companies, and access to financing.
  • Renewable Energy ・commercialization of renewable energy, entrepreneur development, innovative financing schemes, standards and best practices, and community participation.
  • Clean Cities ・environmental monitoring, waste to energy, transportation energy planning, and clean industrial production processes.
  • Public Transport - integrated transport system design, public awareness, modal shifts, emission reduction
  • Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles - lead phase-out, sulphur reduction, inspection and maintenance policy.  
  • Clean Fossil Fuel Technologies ・clean coal technologies including coalbed methane recovery, clean production technologies for industry, advanced hydrocarbon recovery techniques, and transboundary air pollution monitoring.

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