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   Trends in Consumption and Production Patterns

Under the work programme on sustainable consumption and production, periodic reviews are prepared of trends in sustainable development, using historical data and projections from long-term computer modeling conducted by various research institutes. 

For the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development, a short review of trends in sustainable development was prepared “Global Challenge – Global Opportunity: Trends in Sustainable Development.”

A more technical, analytical report on “Critical Trends: Global Change and Sustainable Development” was prepared for the fifth session (1997) of the Commission on Commission on Sustainable Development and the June 1997 Special Session of the General Assembly.

Two more detailed studies of trends in particular sectors were prepared for CSD-7 (1999):
 Trends in Consumption and Production: Selected Minerals (ST/ESA/1999/DP.5)
 Trends in Consumption and Production: Household Energy Consumption (ST/ESA/1999/DP.6)


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