cover of Energy indicators publication Energy Indicators for Sustainable Development: Country Studies on Brazil, Cuba, Lithuania, Mexico, Russian Federation, Slovakia and Thailand

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1. Introduction
2. Indicators for Sustainable Development
3. Brazil
4. Cuba
5. Lithuania
6. Mexico
7. Russian Federation
8. Slovakia
9. Thailand

This publication presents seven national case studies from a coordinated research project on Indicators for Sustainable Energy Development conducted during the 2002-2005. The project was led by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in cooperation with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA). The case studies were developed by research organizations from Brazil, Cuba, Lithuania, Mexico, Russia, Slovakia and Thailand.

The 15th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development will focus on policy decisions on practical measures and options to expedite implementation in four thematic areas, including energy for sustainable development. The application of energy indicators, especially their quantification, enables systematic monitoring of progress made towards the implementation of energy-related goals and objectives. This publication presents actual examples of how these indicators are developed at the national level, how they can be used to assess national energy systems and how they assist in reviewing the effectiveness of policies undertaken or planned.

Energy indicators for sustainable development represent an important component in the national analysis and planning tool kit for achieving sustainable development. The indicators are intended to provide a flexible tool for analysts and decision makers at the national level to better understand their national situations and trends, the impacts of recent policies and the potential impacts of policy changes. The flexibility of this system of energy indicators permits specific adaptations to the national and local conditions and needs.

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18 April 2007