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   Methodology Sheets - Institutional

Indicators for Institutional Aspects of
Sustainable Development

Table of Contents

Chapter 8: Integrating environment and development in decision-making

  • Sustainable development strategies
  • Programme for integrated environmental and economic accounting
  • Mandated Environmental Impact Assessment
  • National councils for sustainable development

Chapter 35: Science for sustainable development

  • Potential scientists and engineers per million population
  • Scientists and engineers engaged in R & D per million population
  • Expenditure on research and development as a percent of GDP

Chapter 39: International legal instruments and mechanisms

  • Ratification of global agreements
  • Implementation of ratified global agreements

Chapter 40: Information for decision-making

  • Main telephone lines per 100 inhabitants
  • Access to information
  • Programmes for national environmental statistics

Chapter 23-32: Strengthening the role of major groups

  • Representation of major groups in national councils for sustainable development
  • Representatives of ethnic minorities and indigenous people in national councils for sustainable development
  • Contribution of NGOs to sustainable development

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