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   Methodology Sheets- Economics

Indicators for Economic Aspects of
Sustainable Development

Table of Contents

Chapter 2: International cooperation to accelerate sustainable development in countries and related domestic policies

  • GDP per capita
  • Net investment share in GDP
  • Sum of exports and imports as a percent of GDP
  • Environmentally adjusted Net Domestic Product
  • Share of manufactured goods in total merchandise exports

Chapter 4: Changing consumption patterns

  • Annual energy consumption
  • Share of natural-resource intensive industries in manufacturing value-added
  • Proven mineral reserves
  • Proven fossil fuel energy reserves
  • Lifetime of proven energy reserves
  • Intensity of material use
  • Share of manufacturing value-added in GDP
  • Share of consumption of renewable energy resources

Chapter 33: Financial resources and mechanisms

  • Net resources transfer / GNP
  • Total ODA given or received as a percentage of GNP
  • Debt/GNP
  • Debt service/export
  • Environmental protection expenditures as a percent of GDP
  • Amount of new or additional funding for sustainable development

Chapter 34: Transfer of environmentally sound technology, cooperation and capacity-building

  • Capital goods imports
  • Foreign direct investments
  • Share of environmentally sound capital goods imports
  • Technical cooperation grants



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