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UN Economic and social affairs: Statistics
division web page

UN Statistics
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
division web site

UN Statistics
Economic Commission for Europe
division web site

FAO Economics: Statistics
Economic and Social Department
division web site

ILO Statistics
Bureau of Statistics
web site of the Bureau of Statistics

UNESCO Statistics
programme web site

UNIDO Industrial statistics
Statistics and Information Networks Branch
programme web site

UN Development, coordination and harmonization of statistics and information
Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
subprogramme details; see also for information on the implementing division

UN Statistics and economic projections
Economic and Social Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
from Report of the activities of the Commission, 1994-1996

UN Statistics and indicators in gender issues
International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women
brief summary of the programme

IMF Statistics
Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics web site

UN Economic and social affairs: Population
web site of the Division's Population Information Network (POPIN)

UN Economic and social development in Africa
Economic Commission for Africa
ECA web site

UN International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO)
ITC web site

FAO Fisheries: Fishery information
Data and Statistics Unit
unit web page

ITU Telecommunications indicators programme
programme web site

WHO Epidemiology, statistics, trend assessment and country health information
Health Situation and Trend Assessment Programme
WHO Statistical Information System

WTO World Tourism Organization
WTO web site

UN Development
World Food Programme
Measures to enhance WFP's programming in the poorest countries

ICAO Air transport: Statistics and economic analysis
news release related to the programme

FAO Forestry: Forestry policy and planning
division web page

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all programmes in the area of Science and technology

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