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These nineteen Occasional Papers were published within the context of the  preparation and observance of the International Year of the Family.  

1/1992: "Family Matters"

2/1992: "Family: Forms and Functions"

3/1992: "Family and Crime"

4/1992: "Older Persons in the Family: Facets of Empowerment"

5/1993: "Family as an Environment: An Ecosystem Perspective on Family Life"

6/1993: "Partnership Families: Building the Smallest Democracy at the Heart of Society"

7/1993: "Family Leave: Changing Needs of the World's Workers"

8/1993: "Family Enrichment: Programmes to Foster Healthy Family Development"

9/1994: "The Intersection of Family, Gender and Economy in the Developing World"

10/1994: "Families and Disability"

11/1994: "The Family and Youth: Issues, Problems and Opportunities"

12/1994: "Migration and the Family"

13/1994: "The Elderly and the Family in Developing Countries"

14/1994: "Reinventing Fatherhood"

15/1994: "The Concept of Family Health"

16/1995: "Families: Agents and Beneficiaries of  Socio-Economic Development"

17/1995: "Families in Exile: Reflections from the Experience of UNHCR"

18/1995: "Families and Education"

19/1995: "Families Function: Family Bridges from Past to Future"

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