IDF Social media campaign

A large component of the communications campaign spearheaded by the Forum secretariat for the International Day of Forests relies on utilizing social media. Through visual content, from award-winning films to infographics and ready-to-print forest posters, the campaign cultivates a diverse audience.

2022 International Day of Forests campaign

All digital assets for the IDF 2022 social media campaign are available on the IDF 2022 Trello board

The 2022 International Day of Forests celebration, has the main theme of “Forests and sustainable production and consumption”. As in previous years, the UNFF Secretariat worked with the Strategic Planning and Communications Services of DESA, in preparing the messaging and content for the campaign. Multimedia products created for the campaign include digital posters and social media cards for Twitter and Facebook, suggested messages, and images for Instagram and animated gifs.

The campaign highlights five key messages:

  • Forests are essential for planetary health and human well-being.
  • Regardless of where we live, forests sustain us all.
  • Forest products are used by billions.
  • Forests provide a safety net, but they are also under threat.
  • We can all make sustainable choices to benefit forests.

Previous IDF Social Media campaigns

Since 2014, the UNFF Secretariat, DESA has been conducting annual social media campaigns on the occasion of the International Day of Forests in partnership with DESA’s Strategic Planning and Communication Services office, and in coordination with the UN Department of Global Communications, and members of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests. Social media campaigns offer the potential to reach millions, and with each annual celebration the reach of such campaigns has continued to grow.