Forest films

The curated forests films from the UN Forum on Forests film festivals feature community leaders who have inspired change through innovative approaches to afforestation and reducing land degradation. Others provide further insight on the diverse values and benefits of forests, their relation to people and the planet we share.

We feature various winners of the Short Film Contest such as ‘Amazing Grace Rowan’ by Pybus of South Africa, ‘An Unseen World’ by Paul Rosolie, ‘Feel Like a Mountain’ Elio Alonso Vasquez Miranda, ‘Ma Forêt’ by Sébastien Pins, and ‘Reynaldo’ by Dan Childs and Nick Werber of the United Kingdom.

For the International Forests Film Festival 167 film directors from over 30 countries submitted their movie for the festival. Winners were selected across six categories. We have selected numerous short clips providing you with a preview of the winning films.

Short Film Contest

Forests for People: UN International Short Film Contest. 200 million people. 193 countries. One amazing portrait of how forests sustain us.

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Forest Film Festival

International Forest Film Festival features films that accentuate the importance of forests, their relationship with people and the planet we share.

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Forest financing

Four broadcast television feature stories highlight how forests contribute in unique ways to financing sustainable development.

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Finding Balance

“Finding Balance”, a short film launched at Rio+20 which highlights the interconnections between forests, economic growth and social development.

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Film guide

The Forests Film guide lists all the inspiring forests films submitted to the 2011 festival.

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Film festival

The Forum’s Secretariat partnered with the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival to honour “the power of the narrative” and the creative efforts of filmmakers who visually capture what forests mean to people.