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Special Session of the General Assembly to Review and Appraise
the Implementation of Agenda 21

New York, 23-27 June 1997


Heads of State and other high level government officials are expected to participate in Earth Summit + 5. Some governments are also taking the lead to organize preparatory meetings at the national, regional or international levels.

Major Groups
Participation by civil society organizations has been key to the success of UNCED follow-up. The tradition continues with Earth Summit +5 preparations. Numerous major group initiatives are in progress to mobilize the public, raise awareness and increase the voice of civil society in Earth Summit+5.

International Organizations
UN Agencies and other international organizations will participate in Earth Summit+5 at the highest level possibble. They have been instrumental in implementing the UNCED accords. Many UN Agencies and non-UN international bodies have launched processes to assess their own progress towards sustainable development.

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