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cover TITLE African Economic Outlook 2010
Special theme: Public Resource Mobilisation and Aid
DATE June 2010
  "... This year's edition will be especially valuable as everyone wants to know how Africa will emerge from the global economic crisis. Since under almost any scenario Africa will face a financing gap, the special study on public resource mobilisation and aid is particularly timely"
- Mr. Shanta Devarajan, Chief Economist, Africa Region, World Bank

Cover TITLE Sustainable Development Innovation Briefs :: Issue 8
Foreign land purchases for agriculture: what impact on sustainable development?
DATE January 2010

Cover TITLE African Economic Outlook 2009
DATE June 2009
... a unique online tool that puts rigorous economic data, information and research on Africa at your fingertips. A few clicks gives access to comprehensive analyses of African economies, placed in their social and political contexts...

Cover TITLE Sustainable Development Innovation Briefs :: Issue 6
Using non-renewable resource revenues for sustainable local development
DATE October 2008

Trends Africa Cover TITLE Trends in Sustainable Development – Africa Report 2008-2009
DATE April 2008
...This report highlights key developments and recent trends in sub-Saharan Africa – the case of Africa being considered by the Commission on Sustainable Development at its 16th and 17th sessions (2008-2009). It notes progress in a number of areas while, at the same time, acknowledging that in other areas significant work is still needed to advance implementation of intergovernmentally agreed goals and targets...

Cover TITLE Innovation for Sustainable Development: Local Case Studies from Africa
DATE April 2008
...This volume aims to highlight many exciting innovations for sustainable development in Africa at the local level. It also begins to assess the scope for scaling up these innovations to make an impact on a larger scale. The case studies here are only a sample. Many more could have been included but for space constraints. An effort has been made to identify some of the most interesting and promising innovations for this volume...

...In addition to informing practitioners and policy makers in Africa, the volume is meant to inform and enrich the discussions within the Commission on Sustainable Development at its 16th and 17th sessions (2008 and 2009). The current cycle of the Commission’s work focuses on Africa’s sustainable development challenges and responses. It also covers the themes of agriculture, rural development, land, drought and desertification. Morever, in the 16th session there will be a review of progress with implementation of water and sanitation decisions taken at the 13th session of the Commission. Hence the choice of themes for case studies in this collection....

TITLE The relationship between rainfall and human density and its implications for future water stress in sub-Saharan Africa, DESA Working Paper No. 57
[pdf 1.51 MB]
DATE October 2007
ABSTRACT This paper uses Geographic Information System (GIS) data on population density, rainfall and climate change scenarios in order to identify areas that will be subject to increased water stress due to insufficient precipitation to support their projected population levels in 2050. Density increases across the continent should lead to a significant increase in the extent of water stressed zones, especially around the Sahel belt and in Eastern Africa. Changes in rainfall, the pattern of which remains inherently uncertain today, could mitigate or compound those effects. Consequences of unsustainably high local densities such as migrations are bound to become more prevalent.

Cover TITLE Sustainable Development Innovation Briefs :: Issue 3
Agro-based industries and growth: prospects for Sub-Saharan Africa
DATE July 2007