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CSD-17 [CSD-17:Home]
3rd Implementation Cycle: Policy Session
4-15 May 2009
New York

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Nikhil Chandavarkar (Secretary of UN-Water) speaks about how water will be addressed at CSD-17 and about his ideas regarding the future of UN-Water

In this episode of Pioneers of the Planet, Madhyama Subramanian speaks with Tariq Banuri, Director, UN DSD:

Tariq Banuri spoke about his ideas of justice, his beliefs about working together with various stakeholders and most of all, his enduring optimism about a more sustainable future on our planet. - Pioneers of the Planet

“To this day my notion of sustainable development or environment is driven by the notion of what is just” - Tariq Banuri

Feb/2010 Turning decisions into action... - ENB guest article by the DSD
29/05/2009 A Much-needed Consensus on Agriculture & Rural Development for Food Security