Sustainable Development Success Stories

Tourism growth, ecological impact and environmental protection measures



Responsible Organisation

Ministry of the Environment and Quality of Life.


Concern over damage to the environment as a result of the rapid pace of economic development over the past three decades led to the establishment in 1990 of a Ministry of the Environment and Quality of Life and a number of initiatives designed to enhance cohesion among economic, cultural and economic objectives. Within this framework, tourism has been the subject of intense development based on the attractiveness of the island’s natural and cultural resources, readily available air transport, the availability of financial resources and the development of a tourism infrastructure capable of receiving a growing number of visitors. While industry has contributed to the diversification of the island’s economy and to the creation of jobs, the growth of the tourism industry has also produced severe environmental impacts, especially along the coastal areas. To address this issue, the Government has put into place a "Master Tourism Plan" for the northern section of the island as well as a series of legislative measures for the environmental conservation of tourist areas.

Issues Addressed

Economic development and diversification, tourism, environmental protection.

Results Achieved

  • Emphasis on environmental education; the utilization of urban planning and tourism flow management measures;

  • Establishment and implementation of measures for coastal protection, control of beach dune systems, boat anchorages, preservation of coral reefs, and preservation of the island’s flora and fauna;

  • Establishment of measures for the improvement of environmental sanitation; reduction of air and noise pollution through improvement in automobile maintenance and the use of more environmentally friendly fuels;

  • Preparation of environmental impact studies for the location of new tourist projects;

  • Utilization of appropriate architectural designs and use of local materials;

  • Improvement of water supply and treatment systems for tourist centres;

  • Design of tourist facilities with more efficient energy management and conservation systems; introduction of waste management measures.

Lessons Learned

Severe environmental impact, mainly along the coast.


Ministry of the Environment and Quality of Life
Government House, Port Louis, Mauritius.