Sustainable Development Success Stories

Eco-Tickets Programme

Location  Oswiecim, Poland.
Responsible Organisation Society for the Earth.
Description As the value of returning waste paper is so low (0,07 - 0,10 PLN/kg) it became necessary to subsidize the ECO-Ticket programme with outside funding. This programme, which began to be implemented in November 1997, allows youth participants to go to the cinemas for returning 10 kilograms of waste paper, and allows them to go to the swimming pool for returning 4 kilograms. The main aim of the project is to promote the recycling of waste paper, with the main target group being school children.
Issues Addressed Sustainable consumption and production patterns; children and youth, environmental management, education.
Results Achieved Since its implementation this project has already shown excellent results. A report from the City Council of Oswiecim on the Implementation System of Waste Management, for the year 1997, states that the ECO-Ticket programme accounted for 3,59 tons of the 34,94 tons of waste paper gathered at collection sites. All the rules and regulations of the ECO-Tickets programme were approved by the City Council and this project will continue to be subsidized for the next few years.
Lessons Learned By promoting the collection of waste paper with subsidized tickets for cinemas and swimming pools, school children are directly involved in recycling and are also being rewarded for their efforts. This project also helps to build environmental consciousness at an early age; hopefully to last a lifetime.
Contact Mr. Aaron Rice, Society for the Earth
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Initial information was provided by the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (HABITAT)
Web-page: http://www.bestpractices.org