Sustainable Development Success Stories

Auto Recyling Best Practices

Location  Canada
Responsible Organisation El-Rayes Environmental Corp. (EEC)
Description In British Colombia, Canada, auto recycling contributes significantly to sustaining the environment. However, the dismantling of automobiles involves handling a critical quantity of hazardous materials. Past mismanagement of auto recycling facilities has caused serious contamination of soil, surface and groundwater at some sites due to poor waste management practices. The British Columbia Automobile Recycling Association (B-CAR) decided to manage its operations in an environmentally sound manner and to work actively with the governments to set up better environmental standards. To achieve these goals, El-Rayes Environmental Corp. (EEC), an environmental consulting firm, proposed development of pollution prevention technical documents, including: Best Management Practices, a Pollution Prevention Guide, and a Code of Practice; providing training for the operators and incorporating the Code into the provincial regulations.

The EEC assumed the responsibility for raising funds for the project and mobilizing political support from the government. B-CAR sought the support of other stakeholders including the Insurance Corporation, and the Ministry of Transportation.

Issues Addressed Sustainable consumption and production patterns, environmental management, urban governance.
Results Achieved In September 1994, the project was initiated and in March 1996, the EEC completed development of the technical documents. In November 1996, the EEC successfully completed the training program for the operators and workers in the yards. B-CAR has established a partnership with the Ministry of Environment to incorporate the Code of Practice into the Provincial regulations, effective from September 1998.
Lessons Learned This initiative illustrated the importance of partnership between industry and government to achieve effective protection of the environment.
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Initial information was provided by the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (HABITAT)
Web-page: http://www.bestpractices.org