Sustainable Development Success Stories

School sanitation in primary schools in Vietnam

Location Vietnam
Responsible Organisation UNICEF and the Government of Vietnam
Description Primary schools in Vietnam generally lack safe water supply and sanitation and hygiene facilities. School sanitation has been promoted in Vietnam since 1991, as part of the Environmental Sanitation Project supported by UNICEF. Each year a number of schools are selected (based on need, voluntary participation, contribution, etc.) to receive support from UNICEF (US$300) and the Ministry of Education and Training (US$200). The Ministry of Health provides technical support and training, and Ministry of Education and Training plans the construction of the facilities and the hygiene campaigns. Additional funds are provided by province/district/commune people s committees or parents. Training of teachers and organising workshops for provincial and district officials and school headmasters are also essential parts of the project.
Issues Addressed Environmental and Hygiene Sanitation.
Results Achieved In June 1995, 2,000 schools had received facilities for safe water, water storage, latrines, urinals, hand washing and garbage disposal. The teaching of health education in the schools has been strengthened by the provision of water and sanitary facilities, and the demand for these facilities by schools that are not yet covered is growing.
Lessons Learned The project has brought about a change in the perception of the teachers, students and parents towards adoption of good sanitary and hygienic practices. The government (Ministry of Education and Training) has been motivated to continue this effort and plan to cover more schools.
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