Sustainable Development Success Stories

Ecologically sustainable industrial development in Madagascar

Location Madagascar
Responsible Organisation United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO); National Environmental Office, Antananarivo
Description Emerging industrial activities in Madagascar do not pose major environmental problems for the time being. However, anticipating rapid industrial growth, the Government created in 1990 the National Environmental Office in order to monitor pollution, regulate pollution sources and coordinate the country s environmental activities. UNIDO was requested to assist and advice in drafting an environmental strategy that would protect the island s natural beauty and resources. The National Environmental Office was entitled to implement the ecologically sustainable industrial development strategy (ESID) through the provision of international experts, study tours, seminars, workshops and training for government and business representatives. A combination of regulatory enforcement and economic market incentives ensured that chemical and agro-chemical sectors complied with norms and standards. UNIDO installed a system for monitoring pollution through central and mobile laboratories. A data base was set up which provides direct access to information on environmental technologies and their transfer.

Issues Addressed Industrial pollution, Capacity building.
Results Achieved Madagascar has formulated a strategy for ESID and has strengthened its capacity to implement it. New laws and regulations have been drawn up, aimed at promoting environment-friendly industrial activities. The island s pollution monitoring serves as a basis for national reporting on the state of the environment and for observing compliance with environmental norms and standards.

Lessons Learned Selected enterprises across a range of industrial sectors agreed to undergo environmental audits so that different options for reducing pollution could be identified.

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