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Environmental Health Documentation Centre

Location Sana a, Republic of Yemen.
Responsible Organisation WHO Regional Centre for Environmental Health Activities in collaboration with the Environment Protection Council of Yemen.
Description Lack of access to environmental health information, duplication of projects, poor decision-making due to lack of information, and poor communication among sectors involved in protecting the environment are the major reasons behind the difficulties in implementing environmental and health (EH) programmes in the Republic of Yemen.

In 1995, upon request from the Environment Protection Council, WHO agreed to assist an information unit that would be responsible for managing the EH information and networking among all involved parties at the National level. Several capacity building activities including training, purchase of equipment, and technical cooperation were implemented. In 1997, well-equipped units were established and linked to all parties at the national and international levels.

Issues Addressed Education, Capacity building, Freshwater, Health.
Results Achieved Development of national capacity to manage and operate an advanced information unit as well as a network for dissemination of information in a cost-effective way. Sustainability of the operation was a major achievement, as capacity was developed towards transferring of the unit depending on national resources.
Lessons Learned Commitment of the National partner and cost sharing was behind the success of this project. This is in addition to the sustainability of the unit depending on national resources.
Contacts Mr. Sadok Atallah
Director Environmental Health Programme
World Health Organization (WHO)
Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO),
P.O. Box Alexandria 21511, Egypt
Fax (0020) 348 3916
E-mail: AtallahS@who.sci.eg

Dr. M. Z. Ali Khan, Coordinator
World Health Organization
Regional Centre for Environmental Health Activities (CEHA)
P.O. Box 926967 Amman 11110, Jordan
Fax (962 6) 551 6591
E-mail: CEHA@who-ceha.org.jo