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Strengthening the Capacity of Central American and Caribbean countries in the preparation of sustainable energy policies and strategies


Brief description: The project is aimed at the eight countries that make up the Central American Integration System (SICA) and has the goal to strengthen the capacities of national governments to design and execute energy policies that ensure universal energy access and sustainable development of the energy sector.  The proposed activities in this project will enable countries to develop sustainable energy solutions which, take into account principles of social inclusion and equity and consider the potential of regional cooperation to confront adverse scenarios.  All these tasks will be carried out by taking into account the context of the subregional integration process led by SICA and the complexity, needs and priorities of the energy sectors in each country. The project will also increase the knowledge and analytical skills of subregional energy bodies and will harmonize and promote regional sustainable development of the energy sector.


The project is aimed at the energy ministries of the governments of SICA member countries. The projects objective is to strengthen the technical capacity of staff to enable them to design energy policies for sustainable development of the energy sector and for achieving the goal of universal energy access.

Expected accomplishments:

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of policy makers in SICA eigth countries regarding sustainable energy management and planning.

  • Increased capacity of target countries to formulate sustainable energy strategies and policies and to comply with international commitments on sustainable development.

Implementation status:

In progress.