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Promoting integrated water catchment management to improve urban drinking water supply in the DR Congo and the Central African region


The three core countries of the Congo River basin – the Central African Republic (CAR), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo), and the Republic of the Congo (RoC) – are facing significant challenges in meeting the water targets under the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 7. Although the three Central African countries are amongst the most water rich countries on the continent, prolonged conflict and civil unrest has left a large part of their water infrastructure damaged and degraded, seriously undermining drinking water supply. Displacement, migration and population growth has meant that rapidly growing peri-urban settlements lack drinking water services. Moreover, uncontrolled urbanisation has resulted in ecosystem degradation (gallery forests) threatening the very drinking water sources and catchments supplying the region’s urban centres. Given that the drinking water supply crisis is most acute in the DR Congo, this project focuses on implementing pilot activities in that country, and developing guidance documents and methodological tools for sharing with the neighbouring countries.


To promote reliable and healthy drinking water supply to DR Congo and other Central Africa’s rapidly growing cities through the application of green economy strategies and watershed-based source protection plans

Expected accomplishments:

  • Strengthened capacity of community-based organizations and national/local authorities for improved management of urban/peri-urban catchments.
  • Improved policy and regulations on watershed management and protection.
  • Improved knowledge and understanding of watershed management through the sharing of concrete solutions both at the national and sub-regional levels.

Implementation status:

In progress.