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Strengthening science, technology and innovation policies for development in Latin America


The 2005 World Summit reaffirmed the International Agreed Development Goals (IADGs), including the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), as the highest priority for economic and social development. Governments’ pledged more ambitious National Development Strategies, backed by increased international support. These strategies, while focusing on investment, growth and trade, will also adequately promote poverty eradication, employment, equity and social integration.

In order to assist Member States in their formulation of National Development Strategies, DESA prepared a series of Policy Notes (A/RES/60/1, Para. 22 (a)) to provide practical and operational guidance on how to design alternative, employment-generating and sustainable National Development Strategies, in accordance with the IADGs. These Policy Notes were developed in cooperation with other UN agencies, and were reviewed by distinguished academics and development specialists such as Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz in the strategic areas of:

  1. Macroeconomics and Growth;
  2. Finance;
  3. Public Enterprise;
  4. Investment and Technology;
  5. Social Policy
  6. Trade.

These Policy Notes concentrate on critical areas where standard agency sourcebooks and development guidelines do not adequately reflect IADGs. The project will use DESA’s Policy Notes as the basis for advisory support to governments to design equitable and sustainable National Development Strategies.

The project is based on the dissemination of these alternative development approaches. Expanding outreach is a critical priority to ensure awareness of alternative approaches, so countries can make appropriate policy choices. This may be done by a combination of advisory services, training activities and networking with the aim of capacity development. DESA’s Policy Notes, along with other knowledge products of the United Nations, will be used as the basis for advisory support to governments to design equitable and sustainable National Development Strategies. However, in order to maximize the outreach and impact of the project within the given resources and to take advantage of the effectiveness of web-based technologies, e-learning and electronic networking will play a central role, instead of one-time small-scale workshops.

The project will be executed by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) (lead entity), in collaboration with Resident Coordinators and other UN officials at national and regional levels, as and when necessary.


To strengthen the capacity of governments to design and implement equitable and sustainable National Development Strategies to achieve the IADGs.

Expected Accomplishments:

  • Enhanced capacity of government officials to effectively design and operationalize equitable and sustainable National Development Strategies by providing advisory services and supplementary learning products.

  • Increased awareness among a broad audience of policy-makers and policy-shapers in the three pilot countries and beyond, of alternative approaches for National Development Strategies through an e-learning portal and a community of practice.

Implementation Status:

Project implementation commenced in 2011.